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"He knows more about my principles of hitting than anyone I have ever been with." - Ted Williams

Quick story… when Steve noticed “used copies” of his book’s original edition selling on Amazon for over $100 dollars, he decided to update  the book into electronic form and offer it for a fair price!  This classic, years ahead of its time,  contains dozens of photos and diagrams, along with a foreword by MLB’s last .400 hitter!  It is an absolute must for any serious player or coach. Now for sale in our shop area.

Book sample below: ("Hit Your Potential" now on sale in our shop area!)

“Boy it seems like just yesterday when I was a young camp counselor at the old Ted Williams Camp in Lakeville, MA.   I will never forget “the awe” of meeting this great man and how he genuinely took a liking to me.  The only thing  I have ever seen that reminds me of those  magical summers is the relationship formed between ET and the young boy Elliot in the movie ET.  Still till this day I am contacted by campers back then who witnessed this extraordinary bonding.  I was 19-22 years old and Ted was 61-64…  When your player enters this unique baseball world that we have created here over the past 40 years they will be  participating in something that is both historical and futuristic.  I hope you can appreciate the special origin of these various baseball programs and grow from the benefits of their design.”  –  Steve Ferroli