Fall Baseball / Camp Testing Extension (Ages 8-14) 

If you have had a player in our summer camp, 8 years old or older, I ‘m guessing you have heard them talk about passing or failing a camp test.  They were talking about my summer baseball camp’s testing system.  The camp’s testing system is a fantastic 5 level learning staircase. It is designed to logically progress a player’s baseball knowledge and personal skill set through out this very difficult game.  It is my favorite element of the summer camp program, as it clearly validates the teaching and learning efforts.  While it is a lot of extra work for both the players and the coaches, it is very effective and rewarding. 

With this in mind, I am happy to announce that for the first time in 41 years, the camps testing system will now be extended into the fall. The program will be open to both new or current summer campers. 

On Wednesdays from 4;30 pm to 6 pm, and again on Saturdays from 10;30 to 12 pm, players can continue the summer camp’s testing system.  After lectures and demonstrations, players will practice under our supervision and then take various tests of their choice when they feel ready to do so.  The program is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 20th and end on Saturday, October 28th. 

Also as a bonus, and at no extra cost,  we will be playing games from time to time to help us award players that are ready to complete a various camp level. These games will be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday.  (TBA)  

The cost of the fall camp testing extension is $150. 

To register, please fill out the registration form below and click send.  You can also pay online, by credit or debit card, by clicking on the green payment button.  Payments can also be made by check or cash at the field on day one.  Checks are made payable to: Steve Ferroli Baseball

All classes will be held at our facility at the Hanson Athletic Association, at 171 Reed Street, just off of route 27 in Hanson.  In the fall we enter our back field from the access road found at the far right of the property.  

Registration Form