Ted Williams League
Summer Baseball (Ages 5-Adult)

The Ted Williams League plays players ages 5-Adult in its summer season.   

Ages 9-14 Summer Mornings

Starting in early July  and ending in August after about 12 meetings (2 per week) players 9-14 will once again begin our summer morning program. Popular at this age last year players will play by Ted Williams league rules with wooden bats provided by the league on our field in Hanson, Ma.  Please note in our summer season, players are expected to miss some dates due to family summer vacation and travel. The cost of this summer season is $210. Please review the morning playing schedule for various ages and divisions below then fill out the registration form and click the send button.  All Ted Williams League players are issued one uniform per year.  (Unfortunately at this point you can not yet pay online please forward your check made payable to the; Ted Williams League,  PO Box 72,  Monponsett,  Ma 02350 You can also bring it to the field and drop it in our drop box on day one. 

Summer Morning Playing Schedule

 Thumper Division  Ages 9-10 Mondays and Thursdays 9:30 am – 11:30 am  

A Division Ages 11-12 Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30 am – 11:30 am  

AA2 Division ages 13-14 Wednesdays and Saturdays  9:30am to 11:30 am 

Ages 5-8  Monday and Wednesday Nights

Starting the week of  June 27th players ages 5-6 (our  Rookie Splinter Division) can attend on Monday and Wednesday nights from 4;45 to 5;45 pm.  The cost of this program is $120.  Players 7-8 years old  called the Kid Division will  also play on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6;00 pm to 7;30 pm.  The cost of this program is $210.   This program will also end early in August.  Please fill out the form below and click send.  You can simply bring your payment to our drop box at the field on day one.  All payments are made to the Ted Williams league.

Adult / Teenage

Our Adult / Teenage Division (ages 15 and up) is called the AA Division.  It plays on Tuesday and / or Thursday nights and Sundays.  It will begin after the 4th of July and play until mid August.  It plays on local High School fields TBA.  

TWL Summer Registration Form