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Steve Ferroli Baseball and the Ted Williams Baseball League share this website.  While they are two different organizations the Ted Williams League was studied and created within Steve Ferroli Baseball and co founded by Steve Ferroli and Ted Williams in 1997.  Steve Ferroli Baseball programs have been in place since 1982.

Standard Family Discount

In 2022 both Steve Ferroli Baseball and The Ted Williams League will honor the following family discount for families with more than one player in our program:  $10 off the first player, $20 off the second player and $30 off the third and so on… 


The Double Play Discount

In 2022 the Ted Williams League announced that for any youth player (ages 5-14) currently registered this year in the Ted Williams League Spring or Summer Season the TWL will pay 33% of  this player’s tuition in any or all of Steve Ferroli’s Baseball programs. On March 3rd, 2022 Steve Ferroli Baseball matched the good nature of the TWL by announcing that for any Steve Ferroli Baseball current program participant (this year), they would pay 33% of their TWL season(s) registration.  This is ages 5-Adult.   

Steve Ferroli Baseball Programs include: All Winter Classes, Any Private or Semi Private Lesson, April Vacation Games Week, The Summer Day Camp, Summer Overnight Camp and Fall Whiffle Ball.

Ted Williams League Programs include: 3 Separate Seasons of TWL play; Spring, Summer and Fall.  These programs range in age from 5 to adult.

Please note league checks are made payable to; Ted Williams League

Any Steve Ferroli Baseball program checks are made payable to; Steve Ferroli Baseball   

Discount Stipulations:

To begin benefiting from the “Double Play Discount” the player must be registered and paid in either the TWL Spring or Summer Season of the current year.  The previous year does not qualify for this discount.  The TWL player must have at least as much money paid into the league as any discount the player is  receiving from a camp program.  Ted Williams League registrations are only refundable in the event of an injury or sickness that prevents participation.  

Discount Examples:

  1. Mrs. Jones currently has a 9 year old son in a Steve Ferroli  Winter Baseball Class – paid in full.  Hearing more about the Ted Williams League she wants to sign her son up to play in the Spring Season.  If Mrs. Jones  registers and pays for the TWL Spring Season she will be refunded a third of her monies spent on the class by the Ted Williams League and then  discounted a third of the TWL registration fee which will now be paid to the league by Steve Ferroli Baseball.  With her son being 9 she has just saved $140.
  2.  Mr. Smith wants his 12 year old son to  attend the Summer Day Camp for three weeks.  He is currently taking pitching lessons from Steve Ferroli Baseball, hearing more about the Ted Williams League and arm safety he registers his boy in the TWL Spring Season.  He now will receive a 33 % refund on his pitching lessons program, his TWL registration will be reduced by 33 %  and when he signs up for the summer camp he will have 33% percent of his tuition paid each week by the TWL!  Estimated savings – $355. 
  3. Mrs. Brown has a 17 year old in Steve Ferroli Baseball’s High School, Winter Class.  In June she decides to register the player in the TWL Teenage/Adult Baseball Division,  because this player is over 14 years of age, this player will not receive a refund or credit for participating in the Winter High School class but will still  have 33 percent of his TWL Summer Registration paid for by the camp. 
  4. Mrs. Murphy has two boys, they have registered for the  Ted Williams Spring Season.  They also want to attend our April Vacation all Games Week.  Discount summary: 33% off each boy on each program “Double Play Discount” plus the family discount each program!  Estimated savings $240.