Ted Williams League "Walk In Player"

Want to play a few more games? Here’s how and more important why!

We know that many of our summer campers and winter class players are playing either town baseball and/or travel baseball. However, we highly recommend that your player participate as often as they can in the Ted Williams League. The Ted Williams League is a very well researched presentation of this great game and therefore safer and far more progressive.

We know, that these other programs have more teams and often friends from school to play with and against. We also know that these programs are often filled with fantastic people unselfishly volunteering their time. We get it.

Unfortunately, despite all the positives stated above, the fact remains that the players, coaches and umpires are locked into rules, equipment and dimensions that don’t make sense and are both hazardous and non progressive to your child.

Winter after winter we have watched player after player improve in one of our programs while gaining a genuine excitement for this great game only to be disheartened or restrained by the traditional baseball format.   To help you experience the benefits of our programs design  the Ted Williams League has done two things:

1) The TWL will play in “pick up form” in both its Spring and Summer Seasons. (In “pick up form” the teams are selected new each game.)

2) For your scheduling, we have created the “Walk in Player” for players ages 9-14 (The “Walk in Player” can best be describe as a player that wants to play some games with us but can not be there all the time.)  We feel the combination of our pick up form along with the walk in player will be helpful to everyone involved.     

How to schedule your player for a TWL game as a “Walk in Player”. 

1)  Scroll down to the TWL Walk in Player Registration Form

2) Fill out the form and click send.  (The Division names, times and ages are just above the form to help you.)  

3)  We will then print out the form and place it in our on field folder for when your player arrives. (Please note Step 2 is only required once per season and not every game.)    

4) Pick the game or games you would like to attend and email us the date(s) to: tedwilliamsleague@yahoo.com . We will then add your players name to the game roster on the date(s) you have selected. For Example; “Hi TWL my son Joe Smith will be at the Thumper Division game on Tuesday, May… (put in the game date(s) .  Please note step 4 is meant to be repeated as needed through out the season. Players must register for a game by 9 pm the night before the game. 

5) The first game is free! Then the cost of each game is $15 dollars.  Checks should be made payable to ;  Ted Williams League

6) For payment, we use a simple drop box at the field. Just drop the payment in the drop box in an envelope with your players name on it. It is as simple as that. We will take attendance each game and there will be envelopes at the field below the drop box. 

After you fill out the online registration form we will send you some basic league information..  

A few notes:

If a game date is “sold out” we will post it on our facebook page; Ted Williams Baseball League as soon as we know.   We will also alert you by email so you do not come to the field.    

All Games are played at the Hanson AA 171 Reed Street Hanson MA

The TWL will supply the wooden bats. You are welcome to bring your own wooden bats but we can not be responsible for them. 

Walk in players do not qualify for the Double Play Discount (see discounts under programs)  

For more details on the Ted Williams League in relation to other youth baseball formats please watch Steve’s “Saving Youth Baseball Presentation” found on  our main menu. 

Divisions & Schedules

The Thumper Division (Average age 9-10)  Plays on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4;30 pm to 6 pm. 

At this point our A Division (Average age 11-12) and our AA2 Division (Average Age 13-14) are combined for ages 11-14.  

They are playing on Saturdays and Sundays from 11;00 am to 1;00pm  

 All divisions will play until around the time school ends.  We make up all our rain outs!  

A  note about ages: 

We do not believe in age as much as we believe in ability and experience.  Therefore you see the term “average age”.  which is just a way for us to describe the majority of ages that are present in these various divisions.  However,  for example: our Thumper Division may have 8 year old’s that are very strong in body and experience while it may also have 11 year old’s that are still learning.    For help selecting a division please feel free to contact us. at; tedwilliamsleague@yahoo.com

Walk In Player Registration Form