Summer Baseball Camp 2024
4 Weeks, July 8th-August 2nd
Hanson, MA


“My two boys have been Steve’s students since young children attending summer camps and the high school winter clinic. Both are strong players and skilled hitters and play/have played D1 varsity baseball in high school. My oldest will be entering his senior year of college and fourth year of playing college ball. Steve Ferroli baseball has taught them most of what they know about baseball and respect for the game.
I can’t say enough about this program and I feel lucky to have it in our backyard.”  – Anna Cauchon

Steve is the BEST baseball instructor I’ve ever come across. He’s patient, thorough, and as knowledgeable as they come. My son Michael LOVED every day of Steve’s camps, and his hitting and fielding skills improved with every camp and clinic he attended. – Tom King


“He knows more about my principles of hitting than anyone I’ve ever been with.” – Ted Williams (American Hero / Red Sox Great)

Hanson Athletic Association

Session A,  (Half Day Ages 5-8) July 8th – July 19th 

Session B, (Full Day Only Ages 8-12)  July 8th – July 19th

Session C, (Full Day Only Ages 8-15) July 22- August 2nd. 

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Thank you for your interest in our Summer Baseball Camp.  The camp directed by Steve Ferroli, is in its 42nd year.  The camp is nationally known for its ability to teach the individual playing skills, team plays and rules of this great game of baseball.  (For information about our camp’s director please see our “About Page”.)   

The camp will operate this summer over 4 weeks, starting July 8th and ending on August 2nd.  Please note the camp does not operate for all ages each session. Players 5-7 are restricted to weeks in session A and players 13-15 are restricted to session C.  Note this year players 8-12 can attend all 4 weeks.  

The camp is looking for 24 players at it’s various levels of play and then it is “sold out.”  The program  is historically know for providing  quality over quantity.   

The camp hosts players ages 5-15.  The program runs Monday through Friday each week and is either a half day or full day program depending upon the player’s age.    The camp does not operate in the event or threat of heavy rain.  All days will be made up. 

Campers ages 5-8 attend for a half day from 8;30 am to 11;30 am while campers ages 9-14 attend the entire day from 8;30 am to 4:00 pm.    

Unfortunately, the camp again this year will only operate as a day camp, as we are still not comfortable reinstating our overnight section due to Covid 19.    

All campers are instructed in fundamental team play and the basic rules of the game. Campers are also introduced to the various skills of the game and each camper is monitored in relation to their individual progress. 

The camp encourages healthy competition through a number of safe and well designed educational drills and games.  Full day campers also learn to compete against them selves by way of our camps in depth “level testing system.”   

The camp encourages and rewards effort and character progress as much as it teaches baseball.   The camp plays by Ted Williams League rules and dimensions.   

The Hanson location is at 171 Reed Street in Hanson Massachusetts.  It has a 5 star rating.    

The Full Day Camper cost  is; $225 per week, $400 for two weeks. 

The Half Day Camper cost is $125 per week, $200 for two weeks.   

All campers will receive a camp tee shirt.  

Discounts, Notes and Questions: 

Is there a family discount? Yes. If a family has two or more campers in the program in the same summer or session. It goes as follows;  $10 off the first, $20 of the second, and $30 off the third and so on…   Please see online coupon.   

Can you bring a younger brother to an older session? Yes.  Often we have campers from out of state and we don’t want to leave the younger or older brother out due to our schedule.  These players may need to be omitted or restricted during games for safety and we do need to know the ages ahead of time.  

Can a boy play up or down in relation to a session?  Yes we leave this up to the parents,  as you may notice that there is an over lapping of ages between the various sessions for this very reason.  However, please let us know ahead of time. 

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To Register please fill in the camp registration form and click send.  Payments can be made by mail to; Steve Ferroli Baseball, PO Box 72, Monponsett, MA 02350.  Or by going to our “Shop Area” of our website by clicking on the green, online payment button below.  A $50 down payment will hold a spot with full payment due by your first day of camp.   

Summer Camp Registration Form