Fall High School Baseball Practices

On Tuesdays from 3;30 pm to 5;30 pm, and again on Thursdays from 3;30 pm to 5;30 pm, high school age players can practice their hitting, fielding, pitching, baserunning and more, along with team concepts  like; cutoffs, relays, bunting and  bunt coverage, holding runners and so on, directly under the coaching of Steve Ferroli and staff.    (Note: As a bonus, former campers that had started Steve’s summer baseball camp testing system will be able to continue their testing within this program if they would like. )  

The program will start on Tuesday, September 19th and end on Thursday, October 26th, compiling 12 , 2 hour practices  for the cost of $175.     

To register, please fill out the registration form below and click send.  You can also pay online, by credit or debit card, by clicking on the green payment button.  Payments can also be made by check or cash at the field on day one.  Checks are made payable to: Steve Ferroli Baseball

The field location of the practices is TBA, however, they will be either in Hanson / Pembroke.  

Registration Form