TWL Whiffle Ball

“If you want to become a better hitter you need at bats, and whiffle ball will give you them, with killer breaking balls and unlimited speed from 48 feet away.”  

Steve Ferroli  

(2018, 2019, 1 on 1,  TWL Whiffle Ball Champion) 

(Quick Summary: 10 game schedule with playoffs, $100 dollar cash prize to Championship team and Trophy, Ages 15 and up, Sundays 11am -1;00pm and Thursdays 6;00 -8;00 pm, Starting October 15th, two separate division formats; one on one, and two on two.  All teams $100 dollar entry fee for each division. More information and register below)

Why Play Whiffle Ball?

Whiffle Ball has been a part of the Steve Ferroli Baseball Camp training program for over 40 years.  Why? When played effectively, Whiffle ball is a great practice for progressing many of your baseball skills.  For example; in whiffle ball you may get 10 to 35 at bats a game, depending on the games format.  In a high school or college game, your getting 3 or 4 if your lucky. 

It also provides ample fielding opportunities of balls both on the ground and in the air. Finally, it is a safe game and much more weather friendly then baseball.   That is to say, you can play whiffle ball in October and November on days where baseball is out of the question.   We play wiffle ball very seriously and our rules are designed with a baseball players progress in mind. While it sounds casual, it is GAME ON!.  We play in two different formats / divisions; one on one , and two on two.  Players are welcome to play in both.  Each division will render a team champion.  Our rules have been designed with baseball  player progress in mind. 

Playing Formats 

In the one on one format, there is only one player in the field who is both pitching and fielding.   A one on one team however, can elect to have a two man roster if they would like.  In which one player will pitch and one or both players will hit.  The reason for this rule is because pitching in whiffle ball is a unique skill of its own, and often  new players struggle with this part of this great game.  By allowing a two man roster a player learning to pitch can now hit in every game and pitch when he is ready. 

In the two on two format, two players are in the field , one pitcher, and an addition fielder.  These teams can have rosters of 4 players with batting line ups of 2 to 4 players established and locked in at the beginning of each game..  Players in the field can be openly or freely  substituted through out the game.  

Basic Rules

Games are 6 innings, no baserunning, all holed and half holed whiffle balls provided, bats can be creative but must not to exceed major league barrel diameter, chair seated adjustable contact strike zone, double play rules, 3 ball and 2 strike counts, detailed written rules will be emailed to all players upon sign up.   All teams will view a 30 minute on field rule presentation before playing  game one.   Questions before sign up? Email us at; and make the subject whiffle ball question.

All games will be played at the Hanson Athletic Association at 171 Reed Street in Hanson.  To register please fill out the form below and follow the green button for online payment.  You can also pay by way of the Venmo app; steveferroli@tedwiliamsleague