Ted Williams Baseball League

A Brief History 

 The Ted Williams League was co founded by Ted Williams and Steve Ferroli on September 21, 1997.   The Red  Sox legend’s endorsement came after a 10 year study conducted by Steve Ferroli and a full years review of Steve’s findings.   Showcase Games were then played in various towns all over Massachusetts  along with a final week of play at the Ted Williams Museum in Florida. 

After weeks of play in each location, a private player, coach, and umpire survey revealed that 85 percent of all showcase participants considered the Ted Williams League to be a better youth version or scaling down of baseball.  

Three popular highlights of the study (and now over 20 years of TWL play) include; a reduction of hit batters by 48 percent, no cases of Little League Elbow, (a documented medical condition which affects a least 20 percent of all players between the ages of 8-14), and finally that the TWL plays with wooden baseball bats supplied by  the league. 

A complete breakdown of this study and the benefits of how it will affect you and your player in relation to other league formats is best understood by watching our “Saving Youth Baseball Video Presentation” which can be found on the main menu of this website.    

Ted Williams League 2023  

Wether you are brand new to the game or have played in other youth leagues the Ted Williams League would like to welcome players and parents to this logical progression of rules, equipment and dimensions leading to a true baseball experience.  

For players ages 5 through 15, the TWL is committed to development and safety by providing an appropriate challenge free from the politics and dangers associated with other league formats.  Players in these age groups will have the opportunity to play in three various seasons; Spring, Summer and Fall starting about May 1st and ending around October 31st. 

 Short Form for Covid Safety and Experience 

With Covid 19 and various strans still a factor, we will be playing most our games in short form and pick up form.  These two forms will safely limit the total amount of players, coaches and umpires your player will be exposed to in a single season to around 24.  These formats also heavily increase the amount of baseball experience allowing the staff to help the players learn by doing.  For more information on the details of these two formats please call or email the league directly at 781 293-2700 or tedwilliamsleague@yahoo.com.

Unfortunately, roster space is limited in short form and therefore we highly recommend that you register early.  

 General Information 

With the exception of our AA Division (Age 16 – Adult) all TWL divisions play at the Hanson Athletic Association located at 171 Reed Street In Hanson, Massachusetts.  After registration, players will be contacted for an evaluation and placed within the division that the league deems best suited for their progress.  The league refers to this as “Reasonable Challenge Placement”.   

Most all players fall within their average age groups or TWL Divisions listed on the Division Playing Schedule found below.  This year the league is going to try and keep all Divisions playing on the same days each season though out the year.  **Please note in the Summer Season some of our divisions play in the morning.  

Players can enter the league at the start of any of our three seasons; Spring, Summer or Fall.   The league fee drops each season for players that have played in the prior season(s) that year.  Players are issued a league uniform once a year.  Divisions play twice a week for about 10 games.     

League Discounts

Inspired by the success of our TWL Summer Morning Season last year, the Ted Williams League  has decided to pay 33 percent of any Steve Ferroli Baseball;  Private Lesson, Winter Class(s),  April Vacation Games, or Summer Camp tuition for any currently registered TWL player!!!    The two stipulations of this discount are;  1) Your TWL registration is non refundable.   2) You must have at least as much money down on your TWL  registration as you are receiving in discount at any time.   Once your TWL registration is paid in full, all Steve Ferroli Baseball programs are discounted 33 percent during that TWL season of play.  

Discount Example 1) If you register for the TWL Spring season and pay in full, you can now enroll in any Steve Ferroli Baseball program at a 33 percent discount  until the start of the TWL Summer Season.   

Discount Example 2) You want to sign your player up to attend “Class C” of the Steve Ferroli Baseball, Winter Class Program in February, which has a retail price of $210, as long as you have paid $70 to the Ted Williams League for the Spring Season you can attend this program for $140.  (Please remember that your payments to the TWL in both these examples are “non refundable” as the league is counting on your attendance to operate correctly.)

The league also has a family discount available to any family that has more than one player in the TWL at the same time.   This discount allows $10 off the first player, $ 20 off the second player, $30 off the third and so on.   

To Register for The Ted Williams League Spring Season

 Please review the Age and Division Playing Schedule below for your general information and then fill out the registration form below and click send.  While we are hoping to take payments soon online  through our Store / Shop, we are not quite there yet.  For now please mail your check or money order payable to the Ted Williams League, PO Box 72, Monponsett, MA 02350. You can also drop your payment through the drop box slot on the baseball building just below the “number 9 sign”.   Thank you! 

TWL Spring Baseball Division Playing Schedule and Cost

 (May 1st through June 18th)

Rookie / Splinter Division (Ages 5-6)  Mondays & Wednesdays 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm  Cost  $120

Kid Division (Ages 7-8)  Mondays and Wednesdays  6;00 pm to 7;30 pm  Cost $210

Thumper Division (Ages 9-10) Tuesdays and Fridays   4;30 pm – 6;00 pm  Cost $210

A Division (Ages 11 -12)   Tuesdays  and  Fridays 6;00pm – 8;00pm   Cost $210  

AA2 Division (Ages 13-15)   Saturdays  and Sundays 11;00 am – 1;;00 pm  Cost $210

AA Division (Ages 16 to Adult)   Summer Season Only  (TBA)   

TWL Registration Form