“I look strict! ( Steve laughing)  And I guess maybe to put some of the moms at ease – I should have approved another picture… like, maybe where I am happy and everything seems fine… lol.  But the truth is when a player attends one one my programs, the  majority of the time they are trying to learn something.   And the last time I checked learning is hard.  It is more like this face…  Below you can read about some of my accomplishments and I am very proud of them.  But none of them were possible without education, effort and discipline.   As I get older and think back on life I realize that I was  not born with any of these tools.  I acquired them – copied them – emulated them from various people in my life that I looked up to.  Therefore, my programs are all seasoned for a good taste of education, effort and discipline.  This element of our programming often proves to be equally as important as the baseball instruction.   Years ago I was asked in a newspaper interview what I did for a living.  I replied,  I try to make boys better men by using the game of baseball as my vehicle.  Studying sport in college, I came to believe that baseball’s design is more like life than any other sport.   Therefore, I also believe that when baseball is played and practiced correctly it will literally act as a safe and repetitive dress rehearsal for life itself.  A sort of fun, life’s practice, before it all really counts.  What could be better?” –   Steve Ferroli          

Steve writes “Disciple of a Master”  1987  foreword by Ted Williams

Steve writes and directs; "Hitting the Ted Williams Way" (Part One) 1994 Featuring Ted, Steve and Ken Coleman

Steve Writes "Hit Your Potential" - Foreword by Ted Williams 1997

Steve Co founds the Ted Williams Baseball League with Ted Williams September 21, 1997

Steve begins Youth Baseball Plate Study in 1982 at Ellis Field in Hanover, Massachusetts

Steve is employed by the Ted Williams Baseball Camp 1979

Steve speaks at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Yew York on Ted’s behalf. 

Steve speaks on Ted’s behalf at the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Florida.