Hit Your Potential, Mastering the Ted Williams Approach by Steve Ferroli

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Hit Your Potential, Mastering the Ted Williams Approach by Steve Ferroli,  is professional / college  level presentation of “how to hit a baseball” when using the Ted Williams theory.  Steve Ferroli, born from the book; “The Science of Hitting” by Ted Williams, and crowned by Ted Williams as  the very best, presents, an updated, electronic edition of his 1998 paper back.  Hit Your Potential is true sequel to The Science of Hitting, with dozens of baseball hitting drills, batting photos and diagrams.  Hard hitting and futuristic, while written in the tone of a ball player, this book is the perfect match for any serious upper level coach or player.

Hit Your Potential, (Mastering the Ted Williams Approach) is a sequel to The Science of Hitting, by Ted Williams.  In this case, the sequel is written by Steve Ferroli, who Ted Williams felt understood his theory of hitting better than anyone he had ever know.  Ted felt Steve had strengthened The Science of Hitting by expounding and adding on to various parts of the theory.   This electronic edition is an upgrade of the 1998 edition with the same title.  Hit Your Potential (Mastering the Ted Williams Approach), features dozens of batting photos, hitting diagrams and hitting drills.  It also highlights a foreword by old number 9 himself!  The book though to be ahead of its time in 1998, is the perfect match for any professional / college player of today. Written in the tone of a ball player, Hit Your Potential is hard hitting and futuristic.

Below is a hard hitting sample from the updated edition;

What you are seeing in the MLB today (and therefore tricking down to all the levels below) is a
poor attempt at Ted’s theory. Like race cars running on half their cylinders, MLB swings are taken
by the world’s most talented group of men, but on the average are poorly directed in relation to their
ability. For most today, the goal has become to pull the ball into the seats, because all MLB batters
have finally learned, that The Science of Hitting’s; slight up swing, with hip rotation, and unbroken
wrists at contact, when combined with Hit Your Potential’s; stretch position, will enabled them to do
so.  The problem is that most can’t do it!  Very few hitters can accomplish this goal often enough to justify pulling the
ball as their daily objective. I call this, out of basic style. The Ted Williams theory did not intend for
all hitters to pull the ball. In fact, most the great hitters did not. Think about it, in the greatest MLB
story of all time, Babe Ruth points to center field, not to right field…


2 reviews for Hit Your Potential, Mastering the Ted Williams Approach by Steve Ferroli

  1. Matt Marini (verified owner)

    Editing this book was an amazing experience for me. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Steve, but reading the material in “Hit Your Potential” was extremely helpful to my understanding of hitting. If you, or anyone you know, is a ball player from the ages of 14 and up, I highly recommend this book as a guide to make them into better hitters.

  2. Steve Ferroli

    I wrote this book in 1998 it was way ahead of its time. I noticed that used copies were selling on Amazon for $100. So I put it back out there because I know it can help and you should not be paying $100…High school and up… not for kids.

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